“To provide users with superior on-demand electric transportation services through a revolutionary UI. “

   BodaBike Corp offers the freedom to travel with flexibility, reliability, and convenience to your destination. Founded by Angelo Payavala(CEO) in 2021, BodaBike maintains its mission to provide users with superior on-demand Electric transportation services through a revolutionary UI.

   As tourists in Tanzania, we’ve noticed the lack of transportation. You’d either be overcharged by a taxi or would have to use Uber (which has inconsistent service). There wasn’t a solution. For the locals, it doesn’t get much better. You have Dala Dalas, bus transportation, or boda bodas. It’s either affordable with minimal convenience or convenient but extremely expensive. Bodabike gives you an option that is affordable and gives you the flexibility to get to any destination.

   Bodabike’s current goal is to revolutionize the way of travel, starting with Tanzania. Dar es Salaam, a major city in Tanzania, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. With the modernization of the population and infrastructure, we want to revolutionize the transportation sector and introduce an autonomous electric motorcycle rental service. Our platform would allow users to easily find a motorcycle anywhere in the city, and be able to drive around Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

   With over 2 million annual tourists, our plan is to introduce an app-based platform by providing users with the option of an electric motorcycle as well as a moped for those wanting a much more open and welcoming experience. Users must provide an international driver's license or a registered driver's license through the Tanzania Revenue Authority. We want to emphasize the potential of setting the electric infrastructure for future electric cars across Africa, and the step forward towards green energy and away from climate change.



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Arrive at wherever you need to be, anytime
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